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Last Updated: Monday, 5 June 2006, 08:51 GMT 09:51 UK
In pictures: Peru votes

Alan Garcia

Alan Garcia has been returned to power in the second round of Peru's election after 16 years in the political wilderness.

Ollanta Humala

However, his nationalist rival Ollanta Humala, has refused to admit defeat until all the votes are counted.

Voter in Peru

Sunday's vote came after a fierce and aggressive campaign.

A Peruvian soldier stands guard at a voting room

For many the choice had been an unappealing one and it was predicted that undecided voters would sway the balance.

Ollanta Humala supporters

Mr Humala's nationalist message had struck a chord among poorer voters.

Alan Garcia campaign posters

Mr Garcia's presidency from 1985-1990 was marked by rebel attacks and rampant inflation.

Alan Garcia

But he is a charismatic speaker, who was able to hold the attention of huge crowds.

Electoral propaganda graffiti promoting Ollanta Humala

Correspondents say the victor's biggest challenge will be to unite a politically divided country.


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