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In pictures: Remembering Khomeini

Mohsen Shandiz photographed with Ayatollah Khomenei by a security guard at the seminary in Qom

On the 17th anniversary of the death of Ayatollah Khomenei, Iranian photographer Mohsen Shandiz (centre) presents his memories of the return of the spiritual leader of the Islamic revolution to Iran in 1979.

The Ayatollah's helicopter landing at Behesht a-Zahra martyrs cemetery on his return to Iran

"The day of Khomeini's return he went straight to honour the martyrs at Behesht e Zahra cemetry. Nobody would move out of the way so the helicopter could land because they were so euphoric about his return."

Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini

"This is Khomeini returning to Qom. The mosque he was resting at had been besieged by thousands of well wishers. Somebody said something that made him smile."

Ayatollah Khomeini stops at a mosque en route to his home city of Qom after his return from exile

"Khomeini was returning to Qom after 15 years in exile. He had been flown to near this mosque by the pilots that you see in air force uniforms. My flash light broke in the melee and I had to take this with available light."

Ayatollah Khomeini waves to the crowds

"Khomeini took up residence in Alavi School in central Tehran where he constantly saw groups of people who would gather in the school playground. The Imam wouldn't talk to them - he would just wave at them and then another group would come."

Ayatollah Khomeini on the first anniversary of the revolution

Khomenei with senior political figures on the first anniversary of the revolution. "The short man in a white turban is Ayatollah Khalkali, known as the Hanging Judge for the number of executions he ordered."

Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini praying

"The Imam is leading prayers for a peace delegation of several Arab and Muslim heads of state who came to see the Imam to mediate for peace soon after the outbreak of the Iran-Iraq war in 1980."

PLO chairman Yasser Arafat greeting the Ayatollah on his return from exile

"Yasser Arafat and the Imam kissing each other. After the prayers Arafat went to kiss him."

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