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Last Updated: Wednesday, 31 May 2006, 10:20 GMT 11:20 UK
In pictures: Chile student protests

Students sit on a window ledge below banners proclaiming their strike

Chilean students have been boycotting classes to press their demands for education reform.

Schoolgirls chant slogans during demonstrations in Santiago

On Tuesday they took their demands onto the streets in the biggest protest so far.

A Chilean student prepares to throw a stone during demonstrations in Santiago

The rallies began peacefully but trouble erupted as students threw stones.

Riot police carrying shields confront a group of students in Santiago

Riot police moved in to confront protesters in the capital, Santiago.

Riot police fire tear gas on the streets of Santiago

They used tear gas and water cannon to disperse one of the biggest student demonstrations in Chile for decades.

Riot police take away a student protester in Santiago

More than 700 people were arrested across Chile, most of them in the capital.

A pedestrian is helped by two riot police officers after being hit on the head by a stone

Several people were injured including bystanders caught up in the demonstrations.

Pupils gather at the window of their school

"We are the future" reads this banner at a school in Santiago.

A student walks past the gates of a school in Santiago barricaded by chairs

The government is talking to student leaders but for now school is out for many pupils.


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