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In pictures: Queen's early photos

Princess Elizabeth on a pony in 1933

Childhood photos of the Queen are included in a book to mark her 80th birthday. One shows the young princess on a Shetland pony, a gift from her grandfather King George V.

 Princess Elizabeth, now Queen Elizabeth II, with Queen Mary at the Naval and Military Tournament

Among the historic photos is one showing four-year-old Princess Elizabeth with her grandmother Queen Mary in 1930.

Princess Elizabeth in a horse-drawn landau outside her first London home at No.145 Piccadilly

A photo from 1930 shows the young princess sitting on her own in a horse-drawn landau outside her first London home at No. 145 Piccadilly.

Letter by young Princess Elizabeth dated 1931

In a letter penned by the Queen when she was five, she thanks her grandmother Queen Mary for a doll's house

Princess Elizabeth, now Queen Elizabeth 11, and the Countess of Airlie at Glamis

Young princess Elizabeth is shown with the Countess of Airlie in the book, Queen Elizabeth II: A Birthday Souvenir Album.

Picture of the Queen as a bridesmaid in 1934

The eight-year-old princess was pictured in a ruffled-sleeve dress when she was a bridesmaid at the wedding of her uncle Prince George, Duke of Kent, to Princess Marina of Greece.

Princess Elizabeth (front right) with her grandparents, King George V and Queen Mary, her mother Queen Elizabeth and sister Princess  Margaret.

A glimpse of royal family life in 1933 is revealed in a photo taken outside the miniature house, known as 'Y Bwthyn Bach", at Royal Lodge.

Letter from Princess Elizabeth to her grandmother Queen Mary in 1934

Seven-year-old Princess Elizabeth told her grandmother she had lost a front tooth and enjoyed a fancy-dress party in 1934.

Young Princess Elizabeth with sculptor Sigismund de Strobl in 1935

A photo from 1935 shows the Queen with Hungarian sculptor Sigismund de Strobl in his studio next to a marble sculpture of herself.

Letter by the Queen in 1938

By November 1938, the future monarch's handwriting was smaller and grown-up as she tells her grandmother her news.

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