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Last Updated: Wednesday, 24 May 2006, 21:18 GMT 22:18 UK
In pictures: Istanbul airport fire

Man directing traffic at airport

A huge fire broke out in the cargo area of Istanbul's main airport, Ataturk Airport.

People standing outside Ataturk Airport

Smoke from the fire turned the skies black.

Aircraft on the tarmac at Ataturk airport

Despite the poor visibility planes were being allowed to land.

Plane dropping water on fire

Fire-fighting planes were used to bring the inferno under control.

Fire at Ataturk airport

Images on Turkish television showed the scale of the fire to a live audience.

Smoke seen from car window

Journalists driving towards the scene could see the massive column of smoke from some distance away.

People watching Istanbul fire

Hundreds of people fled the airport terminal and surrounding areas, but there were no reports of casualties.

Smoke rising from Ataturk Airport

What first sparked the fire is not yet known.


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