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Africa in pictures: At work

Wagenia fisherman in Kisangani, the Democratic Republic of Congo, sent in by BBC News website reader Myoto Liyolo

Myoto Liyolo's photo of Congolese fisherman lowering baskets into roaring waters is the first of a series of shots showing people at work in Africa sent in by BBC News website readers.

Mozambican boat builder at work, sent in by BBC News website reader Chris Horak

In Mozambique near Rio Savanne Chris Horak took this picture of a boat builder making a dugout canoe.

A woman digs on a beach in Zanzibar, sent in by BBC News website reader Farley Baricuatro

In Farley Baricuatro's photograph a Zanzibari woman digs up coconut husks buried four to six months before so as to soften the fibres to make it easier to make rope.

Senegalese man selling giraffe sculptures, sent in by BBC News website reader Anil Goswami

A man hopes to sell his giraffe sculptures to tourists on a beach in Senegal in this photograph sent in by Anil Goswami.

Men working at a diamond mine near Kamakwie in northern Sierra Leone, sent in by BBC News website reader Kelly Jones

Kelly Jones sent in this image of men in Sierra Leone who continue their back-breaking search for diamonds despite the fact that no gem has been found at this mine for four years.

Man carrying meat at a meat market in Darfur, sent in by BBC News website reader Rob Rolfe

A Sudanese man lugs a carcass at a meat market in Kabkabiyah - a town in the war-torn region of Darfur - in Rob Rolfe's picture...

Sudanese water seller and his donkey in Darfur, sent in by BBC News website readers Fred and Aileen Knip

... Also in Sudan's western Darfur region, Fred and Aileen Knip took this shot of a man who transports water on his donkey to make his living.

A Malawian woman working in a bakery, sent in by BBC News website reader Shiang Pei Kuo

In his photograph, Shiang Pei Kuo captures a woman on the island of Likoma in Lake Malawi spreading butter on rolls just out of the oven at a bakery.

Scene at dusk in the Ghanaian village of Nabila as the evening meal is prepared, sent in by BBC News website reader Lauren Mong

Women and children work to prepare an evening meal as their corn dries in the village of Nabila in Ghana in Lauren Mong's photo taken at dusk.

A Ugandan boy carries papyrus on his head, sent in by BBC News website reader Paul Matovu

Paul Matovu took this shot of boys in Uganda carrying papyrus grown in wetlands and cut down to be used in the construction of houses.

Barber's shop in Benin, sent in by BBC News website reader Peeter Viisimaa

A barber shaves the head of a customer in his shop in Benin in this photograph snapped by Peeter Viisimaa. For a future gallery, please send in images of African weather.


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