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Last Updated: Friday, 19 May 2006, 12:16 GMT 13:16 UK
In pictures: Big Brother housemates arrive


This year's Big Brother housemates have begun their 13-week incarceration. First to enter the house was Bonnie, a 20 year-old care worker who describes herself as a "geezer bird".


Pete, 24, from south London, has Tourette's syndrome and sings in a band. If he wins the game show's 100,000 prize, he says he will pay off his mum's mortgage.

George and Grace

George, 19, entered Big Brother "to meet people who don't live and hang out in Sloane Square". Grace, a 20-year old dance teacher, is a self-confessed "Sloane Ranger".


Gay Muslim Shahbaz, 37, from Glasgow, says he has been unemployed for 21 years and likes knitting.


35-year-old Lea claims to have the largest breast implants in Britain, and has spent 35,000 on plastic surgery. She suffered jeers and booing as she entered the house.


Imogen, 23, was Miss Wales 2003. She speaks fluent Welsh, has a fear of spiders and loves to kick-box.


Mikey, from Liverpool, says he hates feminists and can't stand to be around ugly people. The 22-year-old software developer is currently single.

Dawn and Sezer

Dawn, from Birmingham, says she doesn't have any friends and has never been in love. Turkish-Cypriot housemate Sezer owned a trading company at the age of 19.


Head boy and part-time lifeguard Glyn is this year's second Welsh contestant. He says he is the "happiest person on earth".


Richard is a 33-year-old Canadian-born gay waiter who describes himself as a "free spirit". His dream is to become a scriptwriter.


Born in Shanghai, Lisa speaks with a broad Mancunian accent. The 27-year-old upholsterer says she once glued someone's toes together.


Nikki, a 24-year-old model and dancer, entered Big Brother to "get noticed by rich and famous men". Her dream is to marry a Premiership footballer.


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