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Last Updated: Thursday, 4 May 2006, 18:50 GMT 19:50 UK
Day in pictures

Swiss guard plays trumpet in St Peter's Square

A Vatican Swiss guard plays trumpet in St Peter's Square as former guards finish re-enacting a month-long march from Switzerland undertaken by their predecessors 500 years ago.

Statue of San Domenico is draped with snakes in Cacullo, Italy

A statue of Saint San Domenico is draped with snakes in Cocullo, Italy. Every year snake catchers display their finds on the first Thursday in May in the traditional ceremony.

Man photographs World Cup buses in Germany

A man in Frankfurt, Germany, photographs some of the buses which will be used to transport the teams of the 32 nations competing in the Fifa 2006 World Cup.

Filipino mothers gather with their babies in a Manila gymnasium

Filipino mothers and their babies prepare for a simultaneous breastfeeding record attempt in Manila. A total of 3,738 mothers took part, establishing a new world record.

Armenians students throw flowers in the Black Sea near the resort of Sochi in Russia

The pupils of an Armenian secondary school throw flowers into the Black Sea to mark the death of their classmates in a plane crash on Wednesday.

Woman inspects sculpture by director Terry Gilliam in Berlin, Germany

A woman inspects a sculpture by US director Terry Gilliam in Berlin, Germany. The Past People works are equipped with monitors displaying historic film scenes.

A juvenile lionfish discovered by divers from the New England Aquarium in the US

This juvenile lionfish - an invasive venomous species of the Pacific - is discovered by divers in the Atlantic waters of the Bahamas, which seems to confirm it is breeding there.

Workers on top of bun tower at Cheung Chau island, Hong Kong.

Workers scale a bun tower at Cheung Chau island, Hong Kong, to prepare for the Bun Festival on 5 May. It celebrates the islanders' deliverance from famine centuries ago.

Presiding officer Anne Raymant sets up a polling station in a caravan.

A presiding officer prepares a caravan to be used as a polling station in Fulbourn, Cambridgeshire, UK. The English local elections are being seen as a crucial test for the government.


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