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Last Updated: Sunday, 30 April 2006, 05:23 GMT 06:23 UK
Your perspective on the world: 22-28 April

Louvre, Paris

Here is our weekly selection of the best photographs sent in by you, our readers. We start this week with a picture from Matt Smith of the Louvre taken during a stroll in Paris.

Swedish soldier

Michael Willems: "This is a Swedish soldier at the changing of the guard yesterday at the Swedish Royal Palace in Stockholm."

Tregardock Beach, North Cornwall.

Chris Arnold: "A rare chance for my wife and daughter to paddle in the Atlantic, Tregardock Beach, North Cornwall."

Rugby at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, Australia

John Heritage: "The 'big men fly' at the start of the traditional Anzac Day football match at the Melbourne Cricket Ground."

Mt. Merapi, Indonesia.

Erick Danzer: "Mt. Merapi in Indonesia. In recent weeks, Merapi has become increasingly active, with signs pointing to an imminent and major eruption."

Surfing in Senegal, West Africa.

Michelle Donnelly: "Surfing in Senegal, West Africa. The peninsula is rocky but there are still waves and surfers."

Humayun tomb, India

Vivian Anthony: "I took when I was India. It's the Humayun tomb in its morning glory."

Bull billboard, Spain

Marta Alvira-Hammond: "I took this on the bus while on the way back home to Madrid from Cantabria."

Kits Beach in Vancouver, Canada

Gurpaul Sohal: "A lone man in black takes in a spring afternoon near Kits Beach in Vancouver, Canada."

A Yemeni and his hawk.

Paul Walton: "A picture taken at Wadi Dhahr, Yemen, showing a local Yemeni cautiously eyeing his hawk."

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