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In pictures: Chernobyl remembered

Praskoviya Nezhyvova holds a portrait of her son Viktor, who died after Chernobyl clean-up

Many who lost relatives in the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, like Praskoviya Nezhyvova whose son Viktor died, have been marking the 20th anniversary.

Chernobyl worker drinks at site

At the memorial in Ukraine, a man who worked at Chernobyl drinks to the memory of friends and colleagues lost in the disaster.

A man holds a candle at the Chernobyl memorial in Slavutych

Hundreds of Ukrainians gathered in the early hours to mark the anniversary.

A tearful mourner sets down a candle at the Chernobyl memorial in Slavutych

Mourners carried carnations and candles to remember the victims of the world's worst nuclear accident.

President Viktor Yushchenko lays flowers at the church dedicated to Chernobyl victims in Kiev

President Viktor Yushchenko was among those who gathered for a service at the "Chernobyl church" in the capital Kiev.

A young girl lights a candle at the Chernobyl memorial in Slavutych

Similar ceremonies were held in Slavutych, the town built to house Chernobyl workers displaced by the accident.

Residents pay their respects at the Chernobyl memorial in Slavutych

Their ceremonies began an hour earlier to coincide with Moscow time, which was used in the then-Soviet Republic of Ukraine.

A couple light candles at the Chernobyl memorial in Slavutych

Alarm sirens blared and bells tolled as residents laid flowers and candles at a monument dedicated to those who died.

Man at Moscow memorial

In the Russian capital, Moscow, a disabled man who helped in the Chernobyl rescue operation visits another memorial.

Greenpeace protest in Madrid

The disaster was also marked in other capitals. In Madrid, Spain, protesters from environmental group, Greenpeace, laid down in a square to commemorate the accident's victims.

Watch clips from the memorial service in Kiev


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