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Last Updated: Tuesday, 25 April 2006, 12:02 GMT 13:02 UK
In pictures: Dahab blasts

Sandals lie on a bridge in central Dahab

The Egyptian Red Sea resort of Dahab is cleaning up after a triple bomb attack in the bustling heart of the town killed at least 23 people.

Investigators collect evidence at the scene of the bombings in Dahab

Police have descended on the small town, which is popular with backpackers and scuba divers, to search for evidence and clues.

Divers emerge from the water after searching for evidence

Dahab's clear waters are famous for their marine life and coral reefs. After the blasts, dive instructors entered the bay to search for body parts and pieces of shrapnel.

A mother carries her baby past Egyptian security forces

Some tourists are reported to have left the town, but many are staying despite heightened security.

Debris from the bomb attacks in Dahab

The bombs struck in the centre of the compact town, where restaurants line the seafront and souvenir stalls vie for passing trade.

Egyptian Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif in Dahab

Egypt's Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif visited the scene on Tuesday, offering his condolences amid a scrum of media and local onlookers.

Workers clean up debris from the bomb attacks in Dahab

Most of those killed were Egyptians celebrating a spring holiday to mark the anniversary of Israel's pullout from Sinai.

Bloody footprint near one of the blast sites in Dahab

The clean-up may be under way, but the scars in this laid-back town are likely to take longer to heal.


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