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Last Updated: Thursday, 20 April 2006, 14:44 GMT 15:44 UK
In pictures: Mount Merapi smoulders

Farmers by Mount Merapi

Farmers on the Indonesian island of Java are silhouetted against volcanic Mount Merapi, which has recently begun spewing smoke and ash.

Mount Merapi's crater

The government has warned people living near the volcano to be prepared for an evacuation.

Evacuation drill

Villagers pack a police vehicle in Sleman, near Mount Merapi, as they rehearse an emergency evacuation.

Villager carrying grass

Those living in the shadow of the volcano are determined to stay on until the last possible moment.

Marijan, mountain gatekeeper

Seventy-nine-year old Marijan is the "gatekeeper" of Mount Merapi - appointed by the nearby king to mediate with the spirits of the mountain.

Marjo, villager

Marjo, from Turgo village, says he will always return to the area - despite having been injured when Mount Merapi last erupted, in 1994.


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