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Last Updated: Saturday, 15 April 2006, 15:57 GMT 16:57 UK
In pictures: Gaza police protest

An official tries to prevent police from entering a government building in Khan Younis

Police in the Gaza Strip have staged a protest at the new Hamas administration's failure to pay their salaries.

Masked armed police officers occupy a government building in Khan Younis

The off-duty officers said they were experiencing financial hardship and demanded their wages.

Masked police at a roadblock in Khan Younis

The protesters closed the main road between the south and the north Gaza Strip.

Masked security officials inside an office after storming a government building in Khan Younis

The protest was the first sign of serious discontent with the new government since it took office two weeks ago.

Armed and masked policemen stand on the roof of a government building in Khan Younis

Some of the police protesters discharged their weapons in the air from the rooftop of a government building.

A market in Rafah camp in southern Gaza

The new administration is facing a financial crisis as foreign donors have cut off aid.


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