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In pictures: Good Friday

Stations of the Cross ceremony in Rome

Christians gather at Rome's ancient forum ahead of Good Friday's Stations of the Cross ceremony, commemorating the crucifixion of Christ.

Pope Benedict XVI

Earlier Pope Benedict XVI marked his first Easter at the Vatican by leading prayers at St Peter's Basilica.

American pilgrim Salvador Taulie re-enacting the crucifixion in Jerusalem

Christians in Jerusalem touch a cross carried by a pilgrim along the route believed to have been taken by Jesus Christ.

Filipinos are nailed to crosses in San Fernando

Christians in the Philippines are nailed to crosses in an imitation crucifixion, which has become a tourist attraction.

Filipinos take part in self-flagellation rituals in San Fernando, 45 miles north of Manila

Controversial flagellation rituals also take place - a practice disapproved of by the Catholic church in the Philippines.

Iraqi Catholic women light candles at St Marie's church in Baghdad

Iraq's small Christian communities gather to celebrate Good Friday. In Baghdad, Catholics lit candles to mark the occasion.

Priests and worshippers taking part in a ceremony in Magelang, central Java

About 1,000 worshippers take part in an Easter procession in Indonesia, which has the world's largest Muslim population.

A cross being taken to Westminster Cathedral, London

London stages its traditional service in Westminster Cathedral, with a cross paraded through the streets beforehand.

A statue of the Virgin Mary is paraded past crowds in Seville, Spain

In Spain, hundreds of processions are held around the clock. Here, a statue of the Virgin Mary is paraded through Seville.

Worshippers at a church service in Beijing

A service is held at Beijing's officially-sanctioned Nantang Cathedral. Religious activities in China are strictly controlled.


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