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Last Updated: Thursday, 13 April 2006, 12:56 GMT 13:56 UK
In pictures: Rajkumar's death mourned

Mourners put flowers on actor Rajkumar's casket

Mourners place flowers on actor Rajkumar's body in Bangalore in southern India. He died after a cardiac arrest on Wednesday.

Mourners react hearing the news of Rajkumar's death

Thousand of mourners across the city were distraught after the news of the actor's death.

Fans with Rajkumar's poster gather at his house to mourn his death

Rajkumar is an iconic figure in Kannada language films. Many of his fans call him Annavaru (elder brother).

Fans surround actor Rajkumar's body as it is carried for cremation

Fans queued up from early on Thursday morning to view his body before cremation.

Police used batons to control the crowd that came to pay homage to Rajkumar

But the mood soon turned ugly and police were forced to use batons to control the increasingly violent crowd.

Fire fighters trying to douse a bus set on fire by mob in Bangalore following Rajkumar's death

Mobs set fire to buses and pelted vehicles with stones. There was heavy security across the city.

Mob burns a vehicles in Bangalore following the news of Rajkumar's death

For a second straight day Bangalore was shut down following violence by mobs. Police opened fire and one person was killed.

Mourners gather around Rajkumar following his death

The actor hit the headlines in 2000 when he was kidnapped by the bandit Veerappan. His kidnapping sparked violent protests by his fans.


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