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In Pictures: Scaffolding collapse

The scene of the collapsed scaffolding in Milton Keynes - picture by Paul Eastman

Three people have been seriously injured by the collapse of scaffolding at a hotel in Milton Keynes. This picture by Paul Eastman shows the aftermath of the collapse.

Before and after shots of the scaffolding collapse in Milton Keynes. Photos by Paul Eastman

These images, also by Paul Eastman, show the site before and after the collapse. The picture on the right shows an empty space where several levels of scaffolding have fallen.

An emergency services helicopter arrives at the scene of the scaffolding collapse in Milton Keynes, picture by Steve Harding.

Emergency services were soon on the scene, as this picture showing a helicopter arriving at the site shows. Picture by Steve Harding.

Helicopter in road by the scene of the Milton Keynes scaffolding collapse. Photo by Steve Harding

This picture, also by Steve Harding, shows how roads around the scene were closed as emergency services sifted through the wreckage of the scaffolding.

Collapsed scaffolding at Milton Keynes - picture by Adam Taylor

Scaffolding from 14 floors up fell after two walls collapsed. This picture by Adam Taylor shows where the scaffolding has fallen.

Emergency services vehicles at the scene of the collapsed scaffolding. Picture by Nitin Pathak.

This picture by Nitin Pathak shows the collapsed scaffolding on the right and several ambulances and police vehicles attending the scene.

The hotel and the collapsed scaffolding in Milton Keynes, picture by Matt Wilcox

This photograph by Matt Wilcox shows where the scaffolding comes to an end after 14 levels of poles and boards fell to the ground.

Collapsed scaffolding in Milton Keynes - picture by Simon Allder

Simon Allder's photograph shows where layers of scaffolding have fallen into a heap on the ground at the side of the hotel.

The site of the hotel scaffolding collapse in Milton Keynes - picture by Tony Waskowycz

This image shows the emergency services' yellow helicopter in the foreground, in front of the hotel where the scaffolding fell. Picture by Tony Waskowycz.

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