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Your perspective on the world: 1-7 April

Swans in Hyde Park pond

Here is our weekly selection of the best photographs sent in by you, our readers. We start this week with a picture from Nuno Soares of love struck swans taken in Hyde Park.

Sheep in a field

Patrick O'Neill: "Spring sunshine in a field in Beltring, Kent, this morning."

Elk herd

Firaz Mohideen: "I came across this herd of elk in Estes Park, Colorado during our Spring vacation."

Laos landscape

Jason Donovan: "Laos remains a truly untouched Asian wonderland - this photo was taken north of Vientiane."

Restaurant facade, Paris

Lena Kanellou: "Thinking that they would not be in the picture, the three guys up right complained "Madame! et nous?", charmingly asking me to include them."

Aceh fisherman with his catch on the back of his moped

Alina Paul: "I have been working in remote parts of Aceh for almost a year and this is one of the most surreal scenes I have seen."

Whitley Bay lighthouse

Jenny Reynolds: "St Mary's lighthouse in Whitley Bay, where Whitley Bay High 6th Form students were carrying out their Biology coursework."


Poire Rap: "Stonehenge on a regular Tuesday afternoon."

Cherry blossom, Tokyo

Vincent Van den Storme: "Cherry blossoms were in full bloom last weekend in and around Tokyo. I took this pictures in Yokohama, 25 km South of Tokyo."

Baby eating

Abimbola Oluboyo: "Baby Zion's first taste of bean puree at 16 weeks."

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