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Last Updated: Tuesday, 4 April 2006, 22:15 GMT 23:15 UK
In pictures: French protests

Students carrying banners march in Rennes, western France

A fresh day of protests got under way across France against a youth employment contract which became law on Sunday.

Three female students marching in Bordeaux

Students want the First Employment Contract, which will make it easier to hire and fire young people, to be scrapped.

A French students shouts slogans in the western town of Caen

This was the fifth day of protest in two months. Last week, more than one million people rallied across the country.

Commuters wait to board a train at a Paris mainline station

Transport was affected, with some flights and rail services cancelled.

Policemen at a Paris station

Thousands of police were deployed to prevent a repeat of the violence that occurred during previous protests.

A student blows a flame at the start of a protest in Paris in front of a banner calling for the law to be withdrawn.

Many thousands demonstrated in Paris, which has seen the worst of the unrest.

Fireman evacuates a wounded protester in Paris

Although the march was mainly peaceful, scuffles broke out towards the end with some injuries.

Youths smash a shop front in Lille

Shop fronts and cars were also damaged as youths clashed with riot police in the northern city of Lille.

French student protesters hold a Che Guevara flag in Paris

As well as Paris, students also protested in the northern cities of Rennes and Caen, as well as Marseilles in the south.


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