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Last Updated: Monday, 3 April 2006, 18:26 GMT 19:26 UK
In pictures: Charles Taylor trial

Charles Taylor adjusts his earphones in court

Former Liberian President Charles Taylor has made his first appearance before the war crimes court in Sierra Leone.

A UN peace-keeping soldier stands guard outside the tribunal building

Security was tight as the tribunal got under way in Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone.

UN tribunal

Mr Taylor is accused of backing rebels in Sierra Leone who carried out terrible atrocities during the country's civil war.

Charles Taylor in court

He denied all the charges and said he refused to recognise the court's jurisdiction.

Judges arrive for the hearing

Judges adjourned the hearing without setting a date for Mr Taylor to return to court.

Lawyers for Mr Taylor arrive at the tribunal

Lawyers have been appointed to Mr Taylor by the court as he has yet to put together a defence team.

Three of Mr Taylor's sisters arrive at the tribunal

Members of Mr Taylor's family as well as the Liberian ambassador were in court to hear the proceedings.

A journalist reads a newspaper at the entrance to the court in Freetown

The UN is considering moving the trial to the Hague amid fears his presence in Freetown could reignite conflict in the region.

Victims of Sierra Leone's war play football in Freetown

Sierra Leone's decade-long war was particularly brutal, with 50,000 people killed and thousands more mutilated.

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