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Last Updated: Saturday, 25 March 2006, 16:59 GMT
In pictures: Minsk protest

An opposition supporter carries an opposition flag in Minsk, Belarus

Opposition supporters in Belarus have clashed with riot police while demonstrating in the capital, Minsk.

Alexander Milinkevich holds a red carnation

Opposition leader Alexander Milinkevich told supporters that they were creating a movement to liberate the country.

Protesters scuffle with riot police in Minsk, Belarus

Scuffles broke out when police stopped protesters attempting to march to a detention centre, where hundreds of other protesters are believed to be held.

A protester stands amid smoke in Minsk, Belarus

Police also fired smoke grenades in a bid to control the crowd.

Belarussian soldiers carry an injured protesters

Reports say a number of people were arrested, and at least two people were injured and taken to hospital.

Two tearful woman in Minsk, Belarus

Some demonstrators, caught up in the chaos, were overwhelmed with emotion.


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