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Last Updated: Sunday, 19 March 2006, 19:21 GMT
In pictures: Belarus goes to the polls

Man placing vote in ballot box

The people of Belarus have been going to the polls to vote in a presidential election.

Woman placing vote in ballot box near chicken coop

Mobile ballot boxes were used in remote, rural areas to ensure that all eligible voters had their say.

Pregnant women casting their votes

A voting station was even set up in this hospital in Grodno so that these pregnant women and other patients could vote.

Alexander Lukashenko casting his ballot

The incumbent, President Alexander Lukashenko, is predicted to win comfortably amid vote rigging allegations.

Alexander Milinkevich and his wife vote

Chief opposition candidate Alexander Milinkevich says he wants any protests against the results to be peaceful.

Singers at polling station in the village of Dinarovka

At this polling station in the village of Dinarovka a singing group entertained people as they cast their votes.

Schoolgirls dancing in polling station

Then it was the turn of some of the village's schoolgirls to perform a dance.

Women serving food at Vetka polling station

In Vetka food and drink were laid on to try to lure potential voters...

Man and woman drinking vodka outside polling station

...while outside of Minsk a nip of vodka was the order of the day.

Soldiers counting ballots

At a polling station specially set up in the town of Brest for guards at a border post and their families, counting is already under way.


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