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In pictures: Lebanese return home

Family salvages a bed from their ruined home in Beirut - 15 August 2006

As a fragile ceasefire holds in Lebanon, families from bomb-hit areas have been trying to retrieve what remains of their possessions from beneath the rubble.

Car drives on damaged bridge at Naameh, south of Beirut - 15 August 2006

Displaced families have tried to head home across the remains of battered bridges.

Man tries to clear road east of Tyre - 14 August 2006

Many roads are impassable, forcing people to hack away at the debris to try to forge a way through.

People at  Damour, south of Beirut - 15 August 2006

Families and their possessions have crammed into vehicles, some clutching pictures of Hezbollah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah.

A Red Cross worker evacuates a wounded Lebanese elderly woman from Bint Jbeil - 14 August 2006

In the flattened town of Bint Jbeil, some wounded elderly residents unable to flee had spent 10 days stuck with the dead and injured.

Surviving woman in Bint Jbeil - 14 August 2006

The village saw some of the fiercest clashes between Hezbollah and Israel, leaving residents trapped in the midst of devastation.

Woman with her mother trapped in Bint Jbeil - 14 August 2006

The survivors had watched the town become rubble around them as the fighting raged.

Family in Beirut - 15 August 2006

In the capital, Beirut, people ventured into the bomb-ravaged southern suburbs - which had been a Hezbollah stronghold - to salvage what they could.

Southern Beirut - 15 August 2006

But many residents have no homes to go back to, and no salvageable possessions.

Rescue worker searches for bodies in south Beirut rubble - 15 August 2006

For thousands of homeless, injured and bereaved Lebanese people, the end of the conflict does not mean normal life is about to restart.

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