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In pictures: Crazy cycle lanes

Warrington Cycle Campaign's Facility of the Month for Nov 2004

We asked for photos of bizarre bike lanes. Peter Owens, who runs Warrington Cycle Campaign's tongue-in-cheek Facility of the Month site, says this is a personal favourite.

Photo by Richard Lewis

Richard Lewis, of Middleborough, says: "The cyclist is on the road where motorists can see him, not the cycle lane where he'd have to give way to trees."

Rob Ainsley

Cyclists at Vauxhall roundabout are often brought up short by motorbikes from the shop on the corner, says Rob Ainsley.

Daniel Clarke

Daniel Clarke throws a footpath into the mix: "Here in Atlanta, pavements just stop and us pedestrians are forced to step into the road for a few yards before the pavement continues."

Photo by Richard Taylor

Richard Taylor says: "Riding to Newmarket from Bottisham? Take a 15-mile ramble rather than a six-mile journey along the main road. Nice leisure ride but impractical for commuting."

Photos by Bill Morrison

Bill Morrison says: "Maintenance is poor or non-existent, so what starts out like this [left] rapidly ends up like this [right]."

Andrew Speakman

"Note the litter bin, parked car and bollard blocking this cycle lane near where I live in Stratford, London," says Andrew Speakman.

David Wilkinson

David Wilkinson says: "This is on the approach to Doncaster town centre. I can't imagine what this crossover achieves - perhaps a construction training exercise."

Photo by Alasdair Massie

Alasdair Massie says: "A man gets out of his car onto the pavement cycle lane, which also has two pedestrians, in Farnborough, Hampshire."

Photo by Stuart Hodgkiss

Civil engineer Stuart Hodgkiss went to Lincoln, instructed to emulate schemes such as this: "If cyclists manage to avoid the lollipop signs, lamp posts and pedestrians, the parked vehicles would get them in the end."

In the gutter
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