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In pictures: Bakassi handover

Nigerian soldier

Nigerian residents living in the Bakassi Peninsula wave as the last Nigerian soldiers leave the territory, which is being handed over to Cameroon.

Cameroon soldiers

In accordance with a UN ruling, Cameroon soldiers then moved in to take over security in the potentially oil-rich area.


The UN awarded the territory to Cameroon in 2002, but the actual handover was delayed. At a ceremony, the Nigerian military lowered their flags...

Nigerian soldier

...and then put them away for good...

Cameroon flag

...before Cameroon raised its own flag. Residents may move to Nigeria but houses promised to them have not been built.

Cameroon soldier greets anxious residents

The locals who are staying greeted Cameroonian soldiers. Many are anxious about their future despite assurances from Cameroon that their lives will not change.


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