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Last Updated: Thursday, 9 March 2006, 21:42 GMT
In pictures: French school siege

The school in western France

An armed man took 21 students hostage at a school in Sable-sur-Sarthe in western France.

Two policemen guarding the school gate

Police evacuated the school premises as the man barricaded himself and his hostages in an upstairs classroom.

French special forces get ready to intervene

Special agents negotiated with the man, who used to work at the school and was reportedly angry at being unemployed.

Relatives of the hostages queue for news

Relatives of the hostages rushed to the school as news of the incident spread.

A man and a woman talk to a policeman

The man had allowed students to call or text their parents on their mobile phones.

A young girl kisses her mother after being released

Police set up a crisis centre for parents and students, but the incident was resolved peacefully with the man's surrender.

French hostage-taker surrenders
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