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Last Updated: Tuesday, 7 March 2006, 12:41 GMT
In Pictures: Fleeing Waziristan clashes

A man with children fleeing from Miran Shah town following clashes

Pakistan says troops have killed 140 militants in recent fighting in North Waziristan. Thousands of people have left the regional capital, Miran Shah.

Khajori road leading to Miran Shah has been closed for traffic

A curfew and road blocks are in place. A BBC reporter was among journalists barred from entering Miran Shah.

A local man who has been wounded in the clashes.

Many civilians have been wounded in the clashes, including this local man.

The main Miran Shah town has been damaged, especially the main market are

Helicopter gunships have been pounding the town to flush out militants. The main market area in Miran Shah has been severely damaged.

A man flees with his monkey from Miran Shah

Abdullah is a motor mechanic in Miran Shah. He left the town with his pet monkey and very few belongings.

People leaving Miran Shah to escape from the clashes

Most of those leaving had to walk for miles and then wait for transport to nearby towns.

A Pakistani soldier on guard in Miran Shah

These are said to be the fiercest clashes between the army and pro-Taleban militants since troops went into the area more than three years ago.

Pakistani soldiers on guard in Miran Shah

The clashes started when militants seized government buildings in Miran Shah. Army patrols are out in force.


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