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In pictures: Rolo the sheep

Emlyn Roberts' back garden

Mr Roberts has built an entire course for Rolo to practice in his back garden

Rolo goes through a hoop

Rolo needs no encouragement to go through the hoops

Emlyn Roberts and Rolo

Mr Roberts felt Rolo needed some new tricks because of all the publicity


EVen the ducks know the script as they go to the start point

Rolo herds ducks

Rolo herds the ducks along the bridge before jumping off the other side

Emlyn Roberts and Rolo

Rolo enjoys jumping over the series of little fences

Emlyn Roberts and Rolo

Rolo's treats are kept in check to keep her in full health for her displays

Rolo the sheep

Rolo is not shy with the camera after she gets the ducks into the fold

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