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Last Updated: Thursday, 10 August 2006, 17:11 GMT 18:11 UK
In pictures: Airport terror alert

Scott Howell of Stansted airport handing out plastic bags

In the hours after the security alert emerged, the Civil Aviation Authority began handing out clear bags for the limited hand luggage still being allowed. (Phil Coomes/BBC)

A man waiting in a security queue at Stansted

From 6am queues were growing in all of Britain's airports. This Stansted passenger was 500m from the main security post with no end in sight. (Phil Coomes/BBC)

People waiting for information in a crowded terminal at Heathrow

At 8am, the queues at Heathrow were stretching back through the terminals as people waited to be checked in and approach security. (Ashley Highfield/BBC)

A woman watching a departure board at Stansted Airport

Passengers watched the departure boards anxiously for more information. (Phil Coomes/BBC)

A departures board showing cancelled flights at Stansted

But air traffic controllers and carriers had no option in many cases but to cancel flights. (Phil Coomes/BBC)

Police officers blocking access to Heathrow

Shortly before 9am, Heathrow was partially closed to flights other than those already in the air.

A mother carries her daughter and teddy bear at Stansted

Families planning their summer break found their expectations dashed - with parents doing their best to explain to their children what was happening. (Phil Coomes/BBC)

A mother feeding her baby at Stansted airport while waiting for her flight

And with the security alert focusing on liquids, mothers were told that they would be required to taste baby milk before it would be allowed on to a flight.

A man sleeping at Stansted

Many passengers settled down to get what rest they could, hoping that they would be able to get in the air eventually. (Phil Coomes/BBC)

Police watching passengers at Heathrow

Every step of the way to departure gates, police watched passengers.

A man slumped half-asleep on his luggage trolley

But for many, it was proving too much.

Passengers queue outside Heathrow's Terminal Four on Thursday afternoon

Queues continued to build at Heathrow, stretching outside terminal four by late afternoon.

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