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Last Updated: Monday, 15 May 2006, 12:59 GMT 13:59 UK
In pictures: Brazil violence

Riot police prepare to take up their positions

A wave of attacks across the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo has left more than 70 people dead, including 35 police officers and prison guards.

Policemen patrol at the female section of the Penitenciaria of State prison

Police stations, patrols and off-duty officers have been targeted in the violence, which spread over the weekend.

A bullet hole in the window of the Parada de Taipas police station

Unidentified gunmen shot at the Parada de Taipas police station in northern Sao Paulo.

Members of the PCC gang riot atop the Junqueiropolis penitentiary

Dozens of prisons have seen riots, which authorities say are being organised by the PCC, a major criminal gang.

Worried relatives watch as police (not in picture) enter Febem da Vila Maria prison

Anxious relatives look on as police enter the under-18 Febem da Vila Maria prison, one of many where riots took place.

Relatives of inmates watch as troops enter Febem da Vila Maria prison complex

Some 200 people are being held hostage, including family members who were visiting inmates on Mothering Sunday.

A policeman patrols a woman's prison in Sao Paulo

Authorities say the violence began after members of the PCC were moved to maximum-security prisons.

A man inspects the wreckage of a bus burned in Jardim Peri neighbourhood

Despite the continuing violence, state authorities have rejected federal help, saying the situation is under control.

Police frisk suspects in downtown Sao Paulo

Police have set up checkpoints and arrested dozens of people.


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