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Last Updated: Thursday, 2 March 2006, 14:09 GMT
In pictures: Funny road signs

Bear Bottom Drive

BBC News website readers sent in pictures of funny and strange road signs. Andy Wilson submitted this picture of a sign for Bear Bottom Drive in central Pennsylvania, USA.

Cowshit Lane

He also took this picture of the sign for Cowshit Lane, again in central Pennsylvania, US.

Imalone Road

Greg Seitz sent in this picture of Imalone Road in northern Wisconsin, USA, which runs near the hamlet of Imalone. "It is a real road and it is in some very lonely country", he says.

Zzyzx Road

Daniel F Smith took this picture as he drove past the sign for the barely pronounceable Zzyzx Road in California, which leads to the settlement of Zzyzx.

Horne E Church Street

Hormazd N Sethna found this sign on an intersection in the US Bible Belt. "Telling someone you'll meet them at the, Horne-E Church Intersection is disturbingly provocative", he says.

Crazy Woman Creek

Eric Lambart: "I took this picture at a roadside in Wyoming on a 2005 road trip on my motorbike".

Deeth Starr Valley

Eric Lambart: "Deeth Starr Valley marks an exit at mile 333 of Interstate 80 in Nevada. I believe Deeth and Starr Valley are two separate places."

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