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Last Updated: Friday, 3 March 2006, 15:45 GMT
In pictures: Kenya press raid

Kenyans reading the Friday edition of The Standard

Kenya's high-profile Standard newspaper is back in print after police stormed its printing press early on Thursday morning.

Close-up of burning copies of Thursday's edition of The Standard

During the raid masked, armed men burnt thousands of copies of Thursday's edition of The Standard.

Kenyans holding up placards condemning the police raid on The Standard and KTN

Their actions provoked local and international condemnation and demonstrators marched in protest about the raid and a similar one on Kenya Television Network (KTN).

Bird-eye view of crowds listening to opposition leaders on Thursday outside The Standard's offices (Copyright: East African Standard)

Crowds gathered outside The Standard's offices to listen to opposition MPs denounce the raids, which the government says were intended to protect state security.

The Standard's printing press after the raid

Three top Standard journalists have been charged with publishing alarming statements after writing a political story, which the government said was false.

Police guard employees during the raid

During Thursday's early-morning operation, armed police officers guarded the employees of The Standard.

The fire seen through the office gates

They watched through the gates as thousands of newspapers were dragged into the yard and set alight.

Damaged printing press

Afterwards Standard employees discovered the men had broken the printing presses. KTN was off air for 12 hours and began broadcasting again at 1100GMT on Thursday.

People reading the headlines on Thursday morning about the raid

Kenyans have been shocked by the unprecedented move and by the words of Internal Security Minister John Michuki: "If you rattle a snake, you must be prepared to be bitten by it."

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