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In pictures: Unseen UK

A selection of photos

Unseen UK is a book of photographs of everyday life as seen by Royal Mail postmen and women during their working day. The photos are a selection of the 20,000 submitted, published to raise money for the charity Help the Hospices.

Sheep in a country lane

"Sheep movement on country lane delaying delivery of mail." Photo by Roger Jones, Twywn in Wales.


"An early morning snack to keep me going while I deliver pouches to the postmen of SY2." Photo by Bill Hurst, Shrewsbury.

Sinclair C5

"The C5 was purchased by Mr and Mrs Chapman in a dilapidated condition and has since been lovingly restored." Photo by Alan Jakes, Willingham, Cambridgeshire.

Dog's eyes through letterbox

"My collie Sheepdog guards the letterbox - very friendly outside the house, but would take your hands off through the letterbox!" Photo by Alan Stoddart, Herefordshire.

Door knocker

"At arm's length - fake arm dangling from a door." Photo by Paul Hore, Todmorden, Lancashire.

Postmen's legs

"Legs relaxing after a hot day pounding the streets of Oswestry delivering mail. With us it's personal." Photo by Margaret Harvey, Wrexham.

Washing line

"Modern man not only delivers the mail, plays rugby, watches rugby and hangs out the washing, but forgets to cut the grass." Photo by Peter Thomas, Cambridge.

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