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In pictures: Blaine under water

David Blaine trains in the Cayman Islands

David Blaine has just finished his latest stunt - living under water for a week. He trained for the challenge among the wildlife of the Cayman Islands.

David Blaine enters the tank

Blaine entered his eight-foot human fish bowl on 1 May. For the next seven days, he was on display outside the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in New York.

Blaine received food and air through tubes

A mask and air line kept Blaine alive, while food was provided through a tube.

Fiona and Jill Watson have their photo taken with David Blaine

The illusionist even posed for photographs with the public. Fiona Watson and her mother Jill from Swansea in South Wales sent this picture to the BBC News website.

A cleaner polishes David Blaine's fish bowl

Cleaners were employed to make sure the acrylic sphere was kept spotless for the cameras.

Blaine had to wear gloves to stop the skin on his hands peeling.

After five days underwater, the skin on Blaine's hands started to peel. Concerned doctors gave him special gloves to soothe the pain.

Blaine is wrapped in chains for the final stage of his underwater stunt

Blaine ended his challenge with an attempt to break the world record for holding breath under water while simultaneously escaping heavy chains.

Crowds turn out for the finale

Thousands of people came to witness the attempt. The current world record for holding breath under water stands at eight minutes and 58 seconds.

Divers rescue David Blaine

But divers had to remove Blaine from the water after he started struggling two minutes short of his nine-minute goal.

David Blaine is taken to hospital

Appearing weak and shaken, the illusionist was taken to hospital. But he thanked his fans for their support.

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