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In pictures: Moscow's new face

Repair work on a building off Red Square, Moscow

The Kremlin may look much the same but Moscow's look has been changing sharply since the fall of communism.

Bagration bridge and tower (photo: Evgeniy Podolskiy)

"Moscow City" is the flagship regeneration development in Russia's business capital and is set to expand even further.

Swissotel Krasnye Holmy (photo: Evgeniy Podolskiy)

Swissotel Krasnye Holmy, which can be seen from Red Square, is one of the most striking new buildings, particularly by night.

Triumph Palace skyscraper (photo: Evgeniy Podolskiy)

The spanking new Triumph Palace, a neo-Stalinist skyscraper, is touted as Europe's tallest building.

Holy Trinity Cathedral (photo: Evgeniy Podolskiy)

Holy Trinity Cathedral dominates a vast housing estate in the Soviet-era suburb of Orekhovo-Borisovo.

Christ The Saviour Cathedral

Christ The Saviour Cathedral, in the city centre, is a complete replica of a church demolished by the Soviets.

Construction work on the roof of the Tsaritsyno Palace (photo: Evgeniy Podolskiy)

The "completion" of Catherine The Great's unloved palace at Tsaritsyno has been dogged by a row over the plans.

Peter The Great monument

Tsereteli's Peter The Great is one of modern Moscow's most inescapable monuments.

Tsereteli panel in Victory Park metro station (photo: Evgeniy Podolskiy)

Tsereteli has also designed panels in a new underground station, bringing tsarist generals to Stalin's Metro.

The 1880 Pushkin monument (left) and 1999 version (photo: Evgeniy Podolskiy)

Moscow's 1880 Pushkin statue was joined by Pushkin Wedding in 1999 - which some critics dubbed The Parrots.



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