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Life in pictures: Mo Mowlam
Mo Mowlam pictured in 1989
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Marjorie "Mo" Mowlam entered the House of Commons in 1987 as MP for Redcar. Five years later she was elected to the shadow cabinet.
Joan Ruddock, Ann Clwyd, Mo Mowlam and Margaret Beckett pictured in 1988
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Ms Mowlam was among a clutch of female Labour MPs from the period who went on to become high profile members of the government.
Tony Blair and Mo Mowlam in 1998
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She was an early supporter of Mr Blair but eventually became disaffected with his premiership. She was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 1997 and wore a wig after her illness caused her hair to fall out.
Mo Mowlam and Tony Blair in 1999
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Mr Blair was often at Hillsborough Castle with his Northern Ireland secretary in an attempt get the peace process back on track.
Mo Mowlam with SDLP leader John Hume and Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams in 1997
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Ms Mowlam famously removed her wig in discussions leading to the signing of the 1998 Good Friday Agreement. She is pictured here sharing a joke with SDLP leader John Hume and Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams.
Mo Mowlam walks down the main street in Omagh in August 1998 with unnamed officials
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She visited Omagh after an explosion in August 1998 which killed 28 people - four months after the agreement was made.
Mo Mowlam in her student days. Picture courtesy Durham University
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In 1999, she received an honorary doctorate of civil law from her old university, Durham. As a student, she had a large picture of Jimi Hendrix on her wall.
Mo Mowlam speaking at the Labour Party conference in 2000
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Ms Mowlam told Labour's conference in 2000 that standing down as an MP at the upcoming election was the hardest decision she had ever made.
Hillary Clinton and Mo Mowlam
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Her efforts in Northern Ireland won her a peace prize, awarded by Hillary Clinton in 2000.


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