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Last Updated: Wednesday, 3 August 2005, 13:27 GMT 14:27 UK
In pictures: Sudan's shock

Sudanese soldiers patrol the streets of downtown Khartoum

Soldiers in Sudan are struggling to contain violence which has followed the death of its vice-president, John Garang.

John Garang's coffin

The country was plunged into a state of shock by the news the former rebel leader had died in a helicopter crash.

Police near burning car

In the capital, Khartoum, more than 80 people have died over the course of three days of violence.

Burnt-out car

Most of the rioters on Monday were from the south, like Mr Garang, and hoped he would change their lives.

A man stands by his shop burnt out during riots in Khartoum

Sudanese leaders have appealed for calm as people flee the city and armed gangs roam the streets.

Soldiers on the streets of Khartoum

Police and soldiers are attempting to stop the violence escalating, as reprisal attacks along ethnic lines are reported.

Mr Garang's family grieve

Mr Garang's relatives could not contain their grief when it was confirmed the helicopter he was travelling in had crashed.

John Garang's widow, Rebecca Nyandeng

Mr Garang's widow, Rebecca, mourned at the side of her husband's coffin.

A mourner signs a visitors' book at Mr Garang's former residence in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi

Millions of Sudanese will join in grieving his loss when his funeral is held on Saturday in Juba, southern Sudan.

Southern Sudanese refugees in Nairobi, Kenya

The news was also received with sadness by southern Sudanese refugees in Nairobi, Kenya.


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