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In Pictures: Cartoon collection

Sir David Low's All Behind You cartoon, copyright Solo Images

The Cartoon Museum opening on Wednesday in central London has more than 1,200 examples of British cartoons including wartime classic, All Behind You.

Edgar cartoon by ffolkes, copyright ffolkes Estate

Dammit Edgar, why can't you just take an afternoon nap like everyone else?, asks ffolkes.

Blair and Brown cartoon by Dave Brown, copyright Dave Brown

Cartoon Museum chairman Oliver Preston says the pieces reveal an edginess and a very British sense of humour.

Desperate Dan comic from Dandy, copyright DC Thomson and Company Ltd

Dandy's Desperate Dan appears alongside strips starring contemporaries Beryl the Peril and Dennis the Menace.

Incapacity cartoon by Matt, copyright Matthew Pritchett

Matt is a modern day master of the pocket cartoon, a format which first appeared in the Daily Express in 1939.

John Bull - taking a luncheon cartoon by Gillray

Gillray, meanwhile, was one of Britain's first caricaturists, creating classics like John Bull - taking a luncheon and the Zenith of French Glory.

Fat Uncle Sam cartoon by Riddell, copyright Chris Riddell, Observer

Cartooning workshops held at the museum give people the chance to emulate the likes of Chris Riddell 's Fat Uncle Sam.

Wellington Barracks cartoon by HM Bateman, copyright HM Bateman Estate

HM Bateman was from the Punch stable, the magazine first published in 1841 which was credited as epitomising British wit and satire.


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