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In pictures: Rembrandt-Caravaggio

Rembrandt's The Jewish Bride

The 400th anniversary of the birth of master painter Rembrandt is being marked at Amsterdam's Van Gogh Museum.

Caravaggio's Boy With a Basket of Fruit

Dutch painter Rembrandt's work is being exhibited alongside that of his Italian counterpart Caravaggio for the first time.

Rembrandt's Denial of St Peter

While the two artists never met, similarities are evident in their paintings such as their theatrical use of light and shade.

Caravaggio's Judith and Holofernes

Both artists combined astonishing naturalism with ingenious compositions of Biblical and classical subjects.

Rembrandt's The Sacrifice of Abraham

Rembrandt studied Caravaggio's style with teacher Pieter Lastman, and all three painted The Sacrifice of Abraham.

Caravaggio's The Betrayal of Christ

However, Caravaggio's clearly-defined shadows contrast with Rembrandt's diffuse lighting and exaggerated brush strokes.

Rembrandt's The Blinding of Samson

In his depiction of Samson, Rembrandt created space by placing him diagonally, a method often used by Caravaggio.

Caravaggio's The Supper at Emmaus

The exhibition includes work from global collections, such as The Supper at Emmaus from London's National Gallery.

Rembrandt's Belshazzar's Feast

Caravaggio died four years after Rembrandt was born, but the latter's output shows he learned much from his predecessor.

Caravaggio's The Penitent Mary Magdalen

More than 25 works feature in the Rembrandt-Caravaggio exhibition, which runs from 24 February to 18 June.

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