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In pictures: Discovery spacewalk
Astronauts prepare for spacewalk (pictures from Nasa TV)
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Astronaut Andy Thomas helps place helmet on Soichi Noguchi as they prepare for Saturday's spacewalk.
Astronauts prepare for spacewalk (pictures from Nasa TV)
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It is the two men's first walk into space.
Astronaut moves along shuttle's payload bay (pictures from Nasa TV)
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The walk gets under way with Steve Robinson moving along the shuttle's payload bay.
Steve Robinson holds up putty knife (pictures from Nasa TV)
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A humble putty knife is used in the thermal protection repair test conducted.
Steve Robinson hangs suspended from robotic arm (pictures from Nasa TV)
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He spends part of his walk suspended from Discovery's robotic arm.
Steve Robinson takes picture of Soichi Noguchi (pictures from Nasa TV)
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There is time for snapshots, too, to record this latest step in the revival of the shuttle programme.

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