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Last Updated: Sunday, 19 February 2006, 15:31 GMT
In pictures: Cartoon outbursts

Protesters throwing stones at police and military in Islamabad

Hundreds of youths gathered to protest against the cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad , defying a ban.

Soldiers guard the Foreign Office

Police sealed off the centre of Islamabad to guard against the protests taking place.

Protesters throwing stones in Islamabad

Protesters took out their anger on the security forces by throwing stones.

Tear gas being used in Islamabad city centre

Tear gas shells were used to disperse demonstrators who had gathered to voice objections to the cartoons.

Policeman fires at crowd

Rubber bullets were also used by police, who in turn were pelted with stones.

Police officer and photographer taking cover during the protests

The cartoons, first printed in a Danish magazine, have angered Muslims across the world.


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