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In Pictures: Bombs and damage
X-ray picture of bomb. ABC picture
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An X-ray picture shows a bomb packed with nails, which was found in a car near Luton railway station. The picture was one of a number relating to the 7 July attacks in London, which were obtained by US broadcaster ABC News.
Train bombed between King's Cross and Russell Square: ABC picture
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Images of the inside of trains destroyed by bombs at Edgware Road, Aldgate and King's Cross were also broadcast by ABC. This picture shows the train bombed between King's Cross and Russell Square.
Inside of Edgware Road train carriage. ABC picture
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A picture obtained by ABC shows the inside of the Edgware Road train, in which seven people died. It appears to show that much of the train's walls and floor were destroyed.
Aldgate train carriage. ABC picture
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The ABC pictures also showed the damage to the train between Liverpool Street and Aldgate Tube stations. Eight people were killed in the attack, one of four on 7 July.
Bomb by roadside. ABC picture
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Police believe the car containing explosives, which was found five days after 56 people died in the London attacks, was left by the bombers when they boarded a train at Luton. (ABC picture).
Bomb by roadside. ABC picture
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A number of unexploded devices found in the suspected bomber's car, parked in Luton, were shown by ABC News.
Explosives in jar. ABC picture.
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The ABC pictures appeared to show that some of the explosives were packed in jars.
Disc-shaped devices. ABC picture.
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Others were shaped like discs and appeared to have been wrapped in tape. (ABC picture).
Detonators. ABC picture
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Pictures of what are thought to be detonators were also obtained by ABC.


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