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In pictures: Tall ships on the Tyne
Tall ships
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The public have been lining up to visit the square-rigged sailing ships.Picture: Phil Hunter
The Alexander von Humboldt
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The Alexander von Humboldt passes Tynemouth pier. Picture: Dave Heywood
The Europa
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The Europa sailing in at the mouth of the Tyne. Picture: Michael Thompson
The Eye of the Wind
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The Eye of the Wind was the first ship to moor on the Tyne.
The big wheel on the quayside
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A big wheel has been set up on the Gateshead Quayside during the ships' visit. Picture: Phil Hunter
Tall ship on the Tyne
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The bridges are a fine backdrop to the tall ships. Picture: Chris and Steve Robson
Tall ships
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The Class A vessels are moored at Spillers Wharf. Picture: Chris and Steve Robson


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