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Last Updated: Tuesday, 14 February 2006, 19:02 GMT
In pictures: Cartoon protests

Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet destroyed in Lahore on Tuesday

Pakistani protesters attacked fast-food outlets and other Western targets in Lahore venting their fury over Danish cartoons satirising the Prophet Muhammad.

Protestors attack a McDonald's restaurant

Demonstrators damaged a McDonald's restaurant during Pakistan most violent protests so far over the caricatures.

Demonstrators clash with police in Lahore

Two demonstrators were shot dead and many more wounded, as crowds clashed with police.

Pakistani policemen arrest students during a demonstration in Islamabad, 14 February

In the capital, Islamabad, students stormed the area around Western embassies.

Pictures of US President George W Bush and Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen (R) during a protest in Peshawar.

In the Pakistani city of Peshawar, the US and Danish leaders were satirised.

Protesters wave posters, flags and copies of the Koran during a demonstration condemning Danish cartoons in Irbil, Iraq .

Demonstrators also condemned the Danish cartoons in the Kurdish Iraqi city of Irbil.

Iranian protestors throw petrol bombs at the British embassy in Tehran, as security men form a cordon.

In Iran, protesters threw stones and petrol bombs at the UK embassy despite heavy police presence.

Indonesia Muslim student shout "God is great" during an anti-Danish protests in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The largest Muslim nation, Indonesia, also contributed to Tuesday's anti-Danish protests.


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