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In pictures: Fossett landing

Steve Fossett comes into land

BBC News website readers sent in their pictures of Steve Fossett landing in Bournemouth. Picture: Paul Hannah.

Steve Fossett prepares to land in Bournemouth

Gary Ellson witnessed the landing after generator failure prompted Fossett to divert to Bournemouth.

Steve Fossett lands in Bournemouth

Fossett had planned to end his journey at Kent International Airport. Gary Ellson sent in this picture of the landing.

Emergency crews rush to Steve Fossett's plane

Emergency crews were on hand to help Steve Fossett as he landed. Picture sent in by Graham Hustings.

Steve Fossett leaves the plane

Andrew Stevens took this picture of Fossett leaving the plane for a medical check-up before flying to Kent.

Emergency crews check the plane

Gary Ellson got a closer look at the plane as emergency crews made the plane safe.

Steve Fossett is met by Richard Branson

He also sent in this picture of Fossett with sponsor Richard Branson as they prepared to leave for Kent.

One of the burst tyres

One of the two burst tyres on the Virgin GlobalFlyer. Picture sent in by Gary Ellson

Disappointment in Kent

While celebrations were held in Bournemouth, Hans Schreuder sent in this picture of disappointed plane spotters in Kent.


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