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Last Updated: Tuesday, 19 July, 2005, 12:22 GMT 13:22 UK
In pictures: Hunger hits Niger
Crying child, Niger
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An emaciated child weeps at a centre in Niger set up to help some of the 3.6m people said to be facing starvation in the south of the country.
Doctor at work in Medecin sans Frontieres (MSF) camp
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Doctors are fighting to save lives at the camps, where children are said to be dying every day.
Starving child in Niger
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Aid agencies say the crisis - caused by locusts and a long drought - was foreseen months ago but nothing was done.
Child receiving drip
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Now, the agencies say, tens of thousands of children are in the advanced stages of starvation. Here, a weakened child receives medical care at a makeshift camp.
Niger mother and child
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Mothers in one of the world's poorest countries are being taught life-saving hygiene practices at the camps.
Treatment centre, Niger
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People at the treatment centres in Niger are luckier than others who still wander the desert in search of food.
Market in Maradi, Niger
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Food for sale at a market in Maradi, Niger, is too expensive for farmers whose incomes plummeted because of the drought.

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