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Your photos: Two minute silence
Cannon Street
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A two minute silence in memory of the dozens killed and hundreds injured in the London bombings has been held across the capital. These pictures were sent to us by our readers, this one is by Mark Chapman at Cannon Street.
Northfields Station
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Peter Gould: "Here's a picture during today's two-minute silence at Northfields station on the Piccadilly Line in west London. There was a short service during which people sang The Lord's My Shepherd and Amazing Grace, and recited the Lord's Prayer."
Aldgate station
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Mike Wainwright: "The silence was impeccably observed by a huge crowd who stood in the road outside Aldgate tube station. The silence was followed by the singing of "Abide With Me" by the St Botolph's choir. It was very emotional."
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David Bosworth: "Residents in Stockwell, London, stop the traffic to observe the two minutes silence."
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Mia Shannon: "The top photo was taken on 7 July, the other today, one week on from the same spot in Waterloo. This time, the street is filled with people. I just thought it was an interesting contrast, and both photos are a credit to the people of London."
Lloyds building
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George Oliver: "The two minutes silence that was held at the Lloyd's building where I work."
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Rachel A Coldbreath: "This is Basinghall Avenue crammed with people. During the two minutes the whole City was silent - no traffic, no phones, no conversation. A timely reminder that London will survive any crime of hate because London is a family."
Blackfriars Road
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James Mentz: "Crowds on Blackfriars Road in London during moments silence."
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James Barnett sent this picture showing people making their way back to work in Aldgate.
Trafalgar Square vigil
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Thousands gathered in Trafalgar Square for a vigil. Ander Zabala took this photo of the representatives of five religions giving a speech.
Trafalgar Square vigil
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Ander also captured this image of white balloons released over Trafalgar Square during the vigil.


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