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In pictures: Night bus of mercy

Night Bus parked near Kursk Station

Moscow's Mercy bus pulls up each night at 2030 in a yard near Kursk Station.

Medicines and bandages inside the bus

It is well stocked with medicines and bandages, bought with donations to the Russian Orthodox Church.

Mercy volunteers make tea inside the bus

While some of the team head off to search the station for vulnerable vagrants, others brew the tea.

Vagrant drinks eats beans outside the Night Bus

The bus door shoots open and beans and tea go out to the crowd.

Night Bus passengers

Most of the passengers coming onto the bus appear to be suffering from alcohol abuse.

Vagrant at the door of the Night Bus

Many outside are also intoxicated but only the very vulnerable will be allowed in.

Sergei, one of the vagrants at Kursk Station

The vagrants are of all ages, from the very old to children, men and women.

Vagrant at Leningrad Station

Many come to the stations at night having spent the day riding the metro.

Mikhail, a Moldovan vagrant on Moscow's Three Station Square

Mikhail says he wants to get off the streets and return to his native Moldova.

Mercy worker examines two vagrants seeking aid at Kursk Station

The Mercy volunteers dispense advice as much as aid on their mission around Moscow.

Handwritten missing announcement on Night Bus

Mercy also does what it can to help find people reported missing and thought to be around the stations.

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