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Last Updated: Sunday, 10 July 2005, 00:58 GMT 01:58 UK
In Pictures: Birmingham evacuates

Motorists on the M40

Motorists travelling on the M40 were warned to avoid Birmingham on Saturday evening, as about 20,000 people were evacuated in a security alert.

Policeman diverting traffic

West Midlands Police diverted traffic away from the city centre, in what police called a "proportionate response" to a credible security threat.

Royal Logistics Corps Bomb Disposal vehicle near Broad Street, Birmingham

An Army bomb disposal vehicle was seen near Broad Street, the city's entertainment hub. Four controlled explosions were carried out on one bus. Later officers believed the item destroyed had not posed a threat.

Hotel guests outside their accommodation

Hotel guests sat outside their accommodation after police cordoned off parts of the city during a massive security alert.

Main road into Birmingham city centre

One of the main roads into Britain's second city was practically deserted after it was closed by police during the mass evacuation.

Evacuated residents outside their homes

Some residents in the city were evacuated and they stood and sat on the pavement outside their homes for further news from police.


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