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Last Updated: Friday, 8 July, 2005, 13:36 GMT 14:36 UK
London explosions: Your photos
The bus at Tavistock Square
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An office worker took these photographs from the safety of her workplace...
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...showing the force of the explosion on the bus at Tavistock Square.
Tunnel in Kings Cross
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Passengers are led through the tunnels to safety.
Smoke filled carriage
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Smoke filled the carriage that Matt Dunn was travelling in.
Passengers leaving Bayswater Station.
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Passengers leaving Bayswater Station.
Bus blast
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Steve Thornhill caught the moment of the bus blast in Tavistock Square.
Aftermath of Tavistock Square bus blast
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Moments later parts of the bus's roof lies mangled in the traffic queue.
Bus in Tavistock Square
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Toby Mason sent this picture of the bus.
Injured at the bus blast
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Ade Oshungboye: "I was on a bus in front of the one that exploded. All of a sudden I heard a noise and passengers started shouting and trying to get out. I saw a lady with her clothes torn off and a body lying on the floor."
Picture of couple sent by Graeme Weston
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Graeme Weston: "I met these two people at Tavistock Square walking to hospital. They said they were in the front carriage of the tube as it left Kings Cross when a bomb had exploded. They said they were the lucky ones."
Bettina Strenske sent in this picture of police clearing the streets.
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Bettina Strenske sent in this picture of police clearing the streets.
Cicle line
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Nik Makris and Alex Jackson: "We were on the Circle line tube which stopped in a tunnel between Notting Hill Gate and Bayswater for over two hours....
Leaving the train
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..."Once we got to ground level everyone was on their phones and started to hear what had been happening which was quite scary."
The Salvation Army serve refreshments
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The Salvation Army provide refreshments for emergency workers.
Liverpool Street re-opens on Thursday afternoon
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Angel Johnson captured the scene as Liverpool Street re-opens on Thursday afternoon.
People making their way home
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Tim G: "Water was the best way off Canary Wharf and the queue was enormous but good-spirited. This picture shows about one third of the people."


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