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Last Updated: Friday, 27 January 2006, 12:33 GMT
Your pictures: Table Mountain fire

Table Mountain on fire [Andy Bytheway]

You sent us images of the blaze that swept across the slopes of Cape Town's Table Mountain. (Photo: Andy Bytheway)

Cape Town street with Table Mountain in background [Elize Fick]

The flat-topped peak is one of South Africa's most popular tourist attractions. A British visitor was killed in the fire. (Photo: Elize Fick)

City [Derrick Ackermann]

Another British tourist has appeared in court in connection with the fatal fire. (Photo: Derrick Ackermann)

Helicopter landing [Miriam Mannak]

The blaze has now been brought under control... (Photo: Miriam Mannak)

Helicopter [Miriam Mannak]

...after causing residents to flee their homes, destroying bush and engulfing the city centre in smoke. (Photo: Miriam Mannak)

Helicopter flying over Cape Town homes [Steve Bailey]

More than 150 firefighters struggled on Thursday afternoon to fight the blaze, which was fanned by strong winds. (Photo: Steve Bailey)

Helicopter flying behind trees [Steve Bailey]

Helicopters dropping water were hampered by the winds and poor visibility. (Photo: Steve Bailey)

Cape Town home [Ivor van der Merwe]

Bush fires caused by dry conditions and strong winds are common in South Africa's Western Cape province at this time of year... (Photo: Ivor van der Merwe)

Cape Town fiery night sky [Simon Paton]

... but this fire was notable for being so close to the centre of Cape Town and in a major tourist area. (Photo: Simon Paton)

Cape Town fiery night sky [Miriam Mannak]

The Table Mountain National Park is now left to count the cost of the damage. (Photo: Miriam Mannak)


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